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                              Prophetic Evangelism and Missionary work

                                           Praying for Revival In Haiti

 Photo of Voodoo house on main Street.

Most of the country and the young have adopted Christianity. But poverty and a spiritual curse is power full in the country

    The Prophetic Word to Haiti- 

The Lords says that the curse will be broken and his Kingdom will be established in Haiti-many that were last will be first.

Visited one of the Fishing Villages- The catch was small- Praying that God would remove the curse from the land- God send a harvest of fish and a harvest of souls- God Send Revival

 I attended some church services and found the people hungry for the things of God- The Young people are alive in worship and preaching -

 Iam looking for christians from the US to come to Haiti-   I will be forming Groups to come for one week of food distribution, visiting villages for witnessing and praying,and special Crusades.

  E-mail me if you or your church is interested in coming to Haiti and i will give you all the details.

  Prayed for Hundreds of Students

 I visited a missionary organization that has twenty schools that feed the children-and a bible college-a clinic-and twenty churches-all free to the people from contribution from churches in the United States. I met with the missionaries that run this operation that supports over 8,000 students -and they are asking for more church groups to come for one week food ,housing and security,transportation is all taken care of- The missionaries and the Haiti people want especially more from the black churches to come,they need you(are we our brothers keepers) .

 E-mail if you or your church would like a Evangelist-missionary trip to Haiti

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