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       I am a preacher called by GOD, but I can not impress you with an array of college degrees. I am a blue collar skilled-labor licensed aircraft mechanic by trade, a skill that I leaned in the United States air force. I am a Vietnam veteran in which I served three years for my country. Also I have owned several business before God called my. My experience is from the school of hard knocks and poverty.



         God saved me and began to visit me when I was a fatherless boy of ten year’s old living in the projects of Pittsburgh, Penn. The Lord was with me as a boy up until I went to Viet-Nam. When I went to Viet-Nam I had never knew a woman or been exposed to a lot of the evils of this world. After spending a total of three years in Viet-Nam, I returned home with many problems. I had experience the worst side of life, become unsaved with a problem with depression and alcohol. 

      But God preserved my life from every harm or danger. After 10 years, at the age of 30 years old GOD began to call me back to him. For five years I did not yield because of the strong hold the devil had on my life. But one day I called upon the name of the Lord, Nov 1979. I Told God if he really existed and would speak to me, I would serve him. After what I had seen in life, I doubted if there was really a God, and if he even cared.

      But God at the age of 35 God spoke to me, I will never forgot it. From then on the Lord Jesus has never stopped speaking to me some way or some how everyday of my life. I found out that he cares about me and you and that he died for all to be saved, and that he will never forsake us.

   I owe a debt I can never repay, I received mercy and favor from a loving God ever when I wasn't loveable. He delivered me and cleaned me up; set me in a great ministry, the Pittsburgh Revival Center pastor by a true Apostle. The Apostle was known all over the area as Brother Dan in the 50's until the 80's. He was ordained by a great revivalist by the name of Jack Coe. There I received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and for twenty hard years I have been in the fire to prepare me for an end-time ministry.

       I have set under many Apostle Ministries for over Thirty years. I have been licensed as a minister in the Pentecostal Assembly of the World, and the Church of God in Christ. From the beginning I have been taught the word of God from the Apostles that I set under, but mostly from years of receiving revelation truth from the spirit of God. Any question I had or revelation truth I was seeking for, God gave it to me. I don't know Greek or Hebrew, but I know the author of the Bible personally. The first thing the Lord told me to do was to be a witness, for three years I worked as a door to door salesman to witness to thousands of people. The Lord spoke to me to do this work and that he would be with me. I work a ministry that few ministers like to do, go after the lost at any cost. These were the best years of my spiritual growth for me as an evangelist door to door. For years the Lord has prepared me to teach and preach and anoint me for the end-time move of GOD. The Latter day Ministry coming forth will have a double portion. God has saved the best wine for the last days.

     I love the Lord and my country, and believe that God has blessed this country next only to the nation of Israel. Like Israel of old, this country has become spiritually blind and God is rising up an army of street wise, bold end-time evangelist-prophets.     

God Bless you,

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